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Each Eger resident is assigned a Social Worker who will be readily available to assist them and their loved ones with the adjustment to short- or long-term care, planning in advance for medical care as well as with any psychosocial needs that arise during their stay.  For residents at Eger for short term care, we work together to ensure a smooth and safe transition back to the community.

The relationship that develops allows the social worker to be available to the resident and family as a source of support, an advocate, a resource and a liaison. Together, along with the interdisciplinary team, prepares an individualized plan of care which is implemented to optimize the resident’s physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being.

We promote a caring and welcoming environment for our residents and their loved ones to experience our compassionate and competent care.  Realizing the importance of the resident’s relationships, opportunities for social interactions with family and friends are encouraged and facilitated.  Our naturally landscaped outdoor areas are perfect for visits with family and friends or just relaxing and enjoying nature.

Social Work staff hours include evenings and weekends to accommodate residents, their families and their friends.



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