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Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
Policy & Procedure

Pandemic Emergency Plan
Updated May 2023

The facility is required to publish the Pandemic Emergency Plan during a declared emergency.  The Federal Government declared on 5/11/2023 that the Pandemic is no longer in effect.  The Emergency Management team at Eger Health Care has determined that we will continue to monitor this policy on our website to ensure our residents and families that we will continue to review this plan as part of our annual review of our emergency management plan. 


Policy:  This Pandemic Emergency Plan (PEP) is an element in Eger’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and shall be utilized upon New York State’s declaration of a public health emergency.  Key components of the PEP include but are not limited to: a communication plan, protection plans against infections for staff, residents and families, maintenance of a 60-day supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), a plan for preserving a resident’s place in and/or being admitted to the facility or alternate care site should a resident be hospitalized and to the best of our knowledge and capabilities, shall implement procedures provided in NYSDOH and CDC recovery guidelines that are issued at the time of each specific infectious disease or pandemic event.  

                   A. Communication Plan

                        B.  Infection Protection Plans

                        C.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

                        D.  Plan for Preserving a Resident’s Place at the Facility When
                        the Resident is Hospitalized

                   E. Recovery

                   F.  Visitation

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