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At Eger, we focus on the 5 components of therapeutic recreation: Physical, Social, Cognitive, Spiritual, and Emotional. Lead by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), Eger provides activities that are resident centered.  Modeling the lives of each individual resident, we create therapeutic activities that help residents feel connected to their lives, their family, and a sense of self.

Eger has 22 beautiful acres to enjoy outdoor activities, including community barbeques next to our koi pond. Eger encourages family and friends to join in activities with residents.  Residents enjoy time together in social events, time with family, and even time with furry friends!

Learn More below about each area of recreation offered at Eger:


Physical activity is crucial to the wellness of the whole person.  Eger offers a variety of physical activities during each week, these often include exercise classes lead by experienced staff, Zumba, Yoga, and more!



Eger promotes cognitive recreation through a variety of activities.  Eger has iN2L (It's Never Too Late) Touch Screen technology with over 5,000 applications for residents to practice cognitive and memory activities, Skype with family members, travel to foreign countries and experience religious services right from their bedside.

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Social activities are a key component to resident centered care.  At Eger, social activities are offered 7 days a week!  Social activities include pet visits, tea parties, bingo, guest singers, guest dancers, "Eger's Got Talent" Show, mani/pedis, barbeques on the patio, and much more.

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Adjusting to a new place can be hard sometimes, Eger focuses on resident centered activities to help residents acclimate to their new environment and live healthy lives.  Eger staff takes time to create relationships with residents and feel like an extension of family.

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