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June 2, 2022



Dear Residents and Resident Representatives:


As a follow up to our Family Communication Meeting of 6/1/2022 via zoom, the taping that was intended to permit us to allow you to view at a later date did not work according to our plan.  Please forgive this, and in the future, we hope to be able to work through this technical issue.


Scott LaRue, President and CEO of ArchCare presented to our family members and residents on the zoom, some very important information about “Eger” and the brighter future that lies ahead for our ministry.  As our letter to you of May 24th indicated,

between the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our communities, the continued inadequacy of Medicaid payments for nursing home care and a variety of other challenges, delivering compassionate, high-quality long-term care is more challenging today than ever before. Many long-term care providers have already succumbed to the extraordinary financial pressure. Sadly, faith-based facilities like Eger’s that operate on a nonprofit basis have been the hardest hit. In recent months, our ability to continue to operate has been very much in question.  It is extremely difficult for a Nursing Home to remain free-standing facility which Eger has been, and is not able to sustain on its own.


Fortunately, due to ArchCare, we have been blessed with a solution—one that will keep our ministry alive and vibrant long into the future and provide a multitude of benefits for residents and families as well as our devoted and deserving staff. Mr. LaRue announced that after months of thoughtful deliberation, Eger is moving forward with an affiliation with ArchCare adding Eger’s Skilled Nursing Home and Assisted Living Center to the ArchCare network, the continuing care community of the Archdiocese of New York.  This sponsorship will enable us to remain not for profit for both of Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center and Eger Harbor House.  This affiliation brings so much to Eger, it provides growth potential as part of the ArchCare network while still maintaining the high quality of care that Eger continues to be known for.  Attached are slides that will give you an idea of the amazing work that ArchCare is doing in our community and in the surrounding communities of New York City and State.


It was also announced that ArchCare plans to retain our current staff and leadership team. This will enable us to make sure that you and your loved ones will continue to see the same familiar faces and be cared for by the same dedicated professionals you’ve come to know and trust was very important to us and central to our discussions with ArchCare.

We look forward to keeping everyone fully informed of the important steps we are taking to keep our ministry vibrant and responsive to the needs of our residents, families and the Staten Island community we serve. Please, do not hesitate to call me at 718-989-3001 to just check in or to give us your feedback.  Stay safe!




Lorri Senk, LNHA

 President and CEO


Please remember to call Admissions at 718-989-3046 to update our records with your email address.

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