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Eger’s Facilities Management/Plant Operations Team is responsible for managing the buildings infrastructure, grounds, maintenance of equipment and systems that meets the strict requirements of all health and life safety standards. Using a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement approach, the skilled professional staff continually evaluates, inspects, and coordinates all installations and refurbishments necessary to keep the premises in an impeccable condition.


Our facility’s lobby update serves as an example of the continuous makeover(s) that have been completed at the facility to keep the residents and their families impressed with Eger’s commitment to maintain a home-like environment.  Knowing that the facility is in tune with the consistent and ever-changing needs of the healthcare landscape, the staff consistently meets and exceeds the needs of not only the residents and families but also of themselves by showing dedication and pride in maintaining the facility as a home.  


Commitment to on time service is seen by a dedicated Plant Operation staff that is available 24 hours a day inclusive of weekends.  For any questions, concerns, or compliments, please call the Plant Operations Administrative Assistant’s office at


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