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Nutrition places a vital role in rehabilitation.  The Eger Food Services staff and the Diet and Nutrition staff work closely together to ensure residents are provided with quality nutritious meals.

The Nutritionists work with each resident taste preference to build their diet and help ensure they are reaching their caloric and nutritional intake. Nutritionists utilize fortified foods, such as pudding and smoothies, to meet residents’ dietary needs. 

Dining Experience

Each month the Food Service team hosts a resident’s council to go through an upcoming menu to get feedback from residents and sample any new items that will appear on the menu.  Eger is constantly working to keep the menu lively, inspiring and is currently implementing a variety of ethnic cuisines.

We are piloting new programs to bring a more meaningful dining experience to our residents.  These include an in-unit omelet bar, in-unit sandwiches to order, and an in-unit buffet style dining.

Making Food Fun!

At Eger, we offer a variety of culinary experience that are purely for pleasure.  This includes our new Teaching Kitchen program, English Tea Parties, catered recreation events, and  Holiday specials. 



Offers a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, and other convenient items daily for residents, staff, and guests. Guests and residents can enjoy our newly renovated dining space to enjoy a meal and company.  Outtakes Cafe is a great place to host birthday parties and other events with residents and guests.  Contact Food Services at 718-989-3084 for catering opportunities.

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