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October 2022 -  Legionella

Update 11/15/2022


Dear Residents, Family Members and Visitors of Eger HC and RC:

As reported to you last month, on October 11, routine water testing revealed elevated levels of legionella bacteria in the water systems of Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center and Harbor House. Staff immediately reported the test results to both the New York State and New York City Departments of Health and began flushing the systems and initiating thermal disinfection protocols in both facilities in collaboration with Eger’s outside water management experts and state health officials.


To create another layer of protection for residents and staff beyond what regulations call for, we have also taken the additional step of installing continuous chemical disinfection equipment in both facilities, which will be monitored around the clock.


We continue to consult with the NYSDOH and we are pleased to note that the latest testing on our resident units revealed no legionella bacteria in the water samples collected.


We plan to continue testing monthly through the first quarter of 2023 and quarterly thereafter according to regulatory requirements, which we have been following at Eger since implemented.


We’re very pleased with the latest test results and with the performance of our upgraded water management systems in both buildings, which are functioning exactly as planned and being monitored 24/7.  Going forward, we will continue to keep our community informed as needed, and I remain available as always to answer any questions you may have.  Just call my office at 718-989-3001.


Thank you again for your continued understanding and patience. 



Lorri Senk - President and CEO


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