It is with a wealth of pride that I share the essential facts about the programs and services of Eger Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc. described throughout our web-site.


Eger Lutheran Homes and Services is a not-for-profit corporation, consisting of three major subsidiary corporations; Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Eger Harbor House and The Eger Foundation.  The four corporations are all governed by a supportive group of successful professionals from the Staten Island communities. The two Eger healthcare facilities are located on meticulously landscaped grounds which in total, encompass 22 acres amidst the natural beauty of the Staten Island Greenbelt on Lighthouse Hill.

Eger had extremely humble beginnings.  It was with the generosity and foresight of Carl Michael Eger who made possible the corporation and healthcare facilities that bear his name.  Upon his death in 1916, Carl Michael Eger bequeathed significant monies and his two homes in Brooklyn to create a supportive residence for older Norwegian men and women in reduced circumstances.  

The Carl Michael Eger Norwegian Home for the Aged, Inc. was incorporated on October 31, 1916.  The space in the Brooklyn homes were however limited and ultimately could not accommodate the anticipated demand.  In order to serve more of the elderly population in need, on May 20, 1926, the residents and staff moved to their new Home on the Hill in Staten Island which could accommodate up to 40 persons.  A biographical note about Mr. Eger:  in 1876, he co-founded Hecla Architectural Iron Works and among other notable structures, he designed and installed the double spiral iron staircases within the Statue of Liberty.

And while Eger has grown and developed over the decades the fundamental mission remains the same:  To meet our community, residents, patients and employees alike at their time of need with the delivery of care and services in an enriched work environment that consistently meets  the highest of professional standards. 

Today, Eger serves a diverse resident population of up to 378 persons at the Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center and 75 persons at Eger Harbor House.  The Health Care Center beds are composed of 98 beds for patients requiring short-term restorative rehabilitation and sub-acute post hospital care prior to their return home and 280 beds are designated for residents who call Eger “Home” as their chronic illnesses and disabilities limit them from returning safely to the community. Internally, the Center is extremely spacious offering large single and double bedrooms, a large chapel and assembly room, a welcoming lobby and piano lounge, an inviting cafeteria and an extensive rehabilitation space in both physical and occupational therapy which accommodates a generous array of state-of-the-art equipment.  Outside, Eger is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Greenbelt and offers in this tranquil setting several outdoor patios, balconies, walkways, gardens and even a gazebo. 

Eger Harbor House is a New York State licensed 75 bed Medicaid Assisted Living Program providing each resident with a private one bedroom studio apartment supported by nursing supervision, access to personal care assistance 24 hours/day, three (3) meals a day in a beautiful dining room, enriched activities, housekeeping, maintenance and an on-site laundry. Harbor House also offers numerous amenities including a beautifully landscaped patio, a beauty salon, computer lounge and social trips and outings. 

Regardless of the care setting and/or clinical or service department, those persons entrusted to Eger’s care are competently served by staff of over 650 supplemented by a large group of enthusiastic volunteers.  Eger is regarded as a large employer on Staten Island and its array of employees are uniquely bound in familial tradition as generations of families have worked in dedicated service to those in need in the community. 

The Eger Foundation serves as Eger Lutheran Homes and Services base for resource development.  The Foundation’s primary function is to secure contributions and grants which are invested in Eger’s programs and services to facilitate an enhanced quality of life for those served at the Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center and Eger Harbor House. 

I am confident that Eger, these Homes on the Hill, are places that abound with our most precious resource, our capably skilled and inspired staff who consistently provide compassionate and quality care and services, and an extensive array of engaging activities that fill the environment with lively exuberance and joyful memories.

Eger has been the choice of Staten Island, for those in need, for short and long term care.  Your visit is welcomed and encouraged at any time.

Lorri A. Senk,  LNHA - Eger President and CEO